Emergency Dentistry in Mt Pleasant, TX

Emergency Dentistry in Mt Pleasant, TX

Dental emergencies have many types. It may be a sudden pain in your teeth and gums or badly injured teeth because of an accident, injury, or other reasons. A dental emergency may also occur when you bite something hard and chip your teeth.

Emergencies do not come with a warning, and they can occur anywhere and anytime. It is, therefore, suggested to be vigilant and visit our clinic upon experiencing them. We will check your mouth and address your dental problem at the earliest.


Pain in your teeth indicates various problems. The cause of toothache must be identified at once so that we treat it on time. The most common instances of toothache include pulp infection and food or other materials stuck in your teeth. When you experience a sudden toothache, know that you need to visit our clinic at once. We also suggest you meet us if your pain gets worse or more intense. We will examine your mouth and check for infection and decay. In the meantime, you may address the pain with an ice pack.

Cracks and Chipping

Biting down on hard objects and foods may cause your teeth to chip and crack. It may also happen because of an accident or injury. Visit us in the event of chipping or cracking your teeth. We will perform restorative treatments and put everything in place. Pick the fragments of your teeth, and rinse and preserve them in a glass of milk. Bring this fragment when you visit us for restoration.

Knocked-Out Teeth

Any situation that causes your teeth to loosen or fall out requires immediate dental care. When you experience such an event, keep your teeth in their sockets and prevent them from falling out. If your teeth have been knocked out, try to locate the missing teeth. Rinse them and place them in a glass of milk until you meet us.

Soft Tissue Injury

Soft tissues inside your mouth like gums, lips, and inside of your cheeks may get injured, leading to pain, swelling, and bleeding. Visit us when you suffer from punctures, lacerations, and tears in your soft tissues. Rinse the injury with warm water before applying pressure to stop bleeding.

Loose Dental Restoration

Your temporary and permanent restorations may fall out or become loose. Such situations also call for an emergency visit at our clinic. Some of the most common events of loose dental restoration include falling of your crowns, bridges, fillings, etc.

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