Advanced Dental Technology in Mt Pleasant, TX

Advanced Dental Technology in Mt Pleasant, TX

Dental visits must be comfortable for everyone, and we take care of the same. Our clinic uses the latest and advanced technology not to ensure that your procedure is carried out comfortably, safely, and effectively. We deliver high-quality treatment options at every level of your dental care, ranging from diagnosis of the problem to its treatment.

Intraoral Camera

An intraoral camera is a device that we use to check various parts of your mouth closely. It is a lightweight tool using which we take color pictures of your gums, teeth, and other parts of your mouth. An intraoral camera is compact which also makes it easy to manipulate. Thus, it can reach all the areas of your mouth, including the corners, which cannot otherwise be seen with our naked eyes.

We use this device to enhance your oral health and diagnose dental issues that you may be suffering from tooth damage, tooth decay, and periodontal disease. We also use an intraoral camera to restore your chipped teeth.

Once the procedure comes to an end, we use the camera to track the success of your treatment. We click pictures and maintain your dental records to track your progress. An intraoral camera gives us a better understanding of your oral health. We also use these images to improve patient education and discuss a suitable treatment plan.

  • An intraoral camera provides a convenient diagnosis as it detects all the complications without letting you feel any discomfort.
  • Apart from being less invasive, it can also be used to detect oral health issues at the very beginning. Thus, we may offer a preventive dental treatment after your examination.
  • The use of an intraoral camera makes patient education more transparent.

Digital X-Ray

Digital X-rays are one of the best gifts of advanced technology to dentistry. Unlike conventional X-rays, they do not use high levels of radiation. Digital X-rays produce 90 percent less radiation, and the results are immediately visible on the chairside computer monitors.

The images obtained are used for dental development, where we examine all the unexpected changes in your mouth and provide the best possible treatment for them. It is relatively easy to store digital X-rays and scans over the traditional one. They can be easily sent to labs, specialists, and insurance companies. We take your X-rays for various treatments and procedures such as implants, root canal therapy, tooth extraction, oral cancer screening, etc.

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