Children's Dentistry in Mt Pleasant, TX

Children's Dentistry in Mt Pleasant, TX

Your little ones are vulnerable to developing many oral health problems – cavities, tooth infection, gum disease, to name a few. Therefore, it is essential to take their oral health seriously. You may bring your child to our dental clinic for a routine check-up, follow-up, and necessary treatments. 

What are Pediatric Dental Procedures? 

  • Sealants 

Children have unhealthy eating habits, and merely brushing their teeth is not enough. The accumulation of plaque, tartar, bacteria, and other substances may lead to a cavity. Moreover, a toothbrush alone cannot get between small cracks and grooves of their teeth. 

Sealants provide extra protection to their teeth against decay and infection, thus preventing the occurrence of cavities. They are made using dental-grade plastic resin. We bond and harden them on the surface of your child's teeth. They are easy to care for and provide extreme protection. 

  • Fluoride

Fluoride helps in the prevention of cavities and tooth decay. It also keeps the build-up of plaque at bay. The treatment is suitable for children of all ages and takes only a few minutes to complete. We will apply a fluoride gel to their teeth and allow them to dry. After it, we will rinse it thoroughly.  

After the procedure, your little one will be asked not to eat, drink, or rinse their mouth for 30 minutes. This duration lets their teeth absorb the fluoride. 

  • Tooth Extractions 

Sometimes, it becomes necessary to remove the teeth from your child's mouth. The factors such as misshapen baby teeth or long roots prevent them from falling. The baby teeth should also be removed to make way for the permanent teeth. In other cases, their teeth become so severely infected that they put the surrounding ones at the risk of decay. 

In all these cases, we remove their teeth from their roots. 

  • Dental Cleanings and Examinations 

Pediatric dentistry also covers dental cleanings and examinations of the children to keep their oral health in check. Regular examinations also constitute part of preventive dentistry. We check for any existing oral problems during the dental examination and provide treatment for the same. We also look for any potential threats to their dental health. 

Dental cleanings include the removal of plaque, tartar, and other substances from your little one's teeth to maintain their pearly white smile and keep infection away. It is a good idea to bring your little one twice a year for dental cleanings.

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