Tips to Ease Your Fear of the Dentist

Tips to Ease Your Fear of the Dentist

Whether you are 4 or 94, everyone experiences some anxiety about going to the dentist. Dental fear is a common phobia affecting millions of people across the world. If you are someone with dental fear, here are a few tips to overcome it. 

  • Review the dentist's online reviews

It's a good idea to do a little research about the dentists in your area before booking an appointment, especially if it's your first time going to that dentist's office. Fortunately, today it's easy to read reviews about virtually anything online. This includes the dentist! Read through a few reviews and see what others are saying about your prospective dentist's office before making an appointment. A crowded waiting room may push you away, but a warm and inviting staff could change your mind and keep you coming back for years to come. By reading reviews, you can gain valuable insight that can help you make the right decision when choosing your dentist's office.

  • Listen to music while you wait

Bring headphones with you so you can listen to music while you wait. Listening to music can help distract you from the worries you have about going to the dentist. Consider bringing some entertainment for older children. Every office has different rules about what kids are allowed to bring with them, so it's smart to call ahead and discuss this with the dentist before your appointment. Bringing toys or games can help children of any age stay distracted while they wait for their treatment to be complete.

  • Educate yourself on dentistry

If you are afraid of the dentist, it is a good idea to do your research beforehand. Ensure the dentist you choose is reputable and makes you feel at ease. Discuss payment plans with your dentist and find a dentist that accepts your insurance. If you remain nervous about your procedure, ask your dentist about sedation options that can help relax you. You can also ask if the office has a television or music player to help keep your mind off of your pending visit.

  • Arrive early for your scheduled appointment. 

Arriving early at the dental office allows you to avoid any rush and relax. This will also give you extra time to fill out paperwork and chat with staff before your treatment begins. Better familiarity with the office itself can also help ease some of your nerves.

  • Communicate openly with your dentist

If you have dental fear, communicate it to your dentist. If you're anxious about an upcoming appointment, talk to your dentist about your concerns. A good dentist will listen to your worries and take your fears into consideration when developing your treatment plan. Also, discuss sedation dentistry options with your dentist. Modern techniques allow for a number of sedation methods that won't leave you feeling groggy after the fact. Talk to your dentist about which method best suits your needs.

  • Bring someone with you to the appointment. 

If you have dental fear, bring someone you trust along with you. Oftentimes a friend or family member can provide a source of comfort and support that helps distract you from the procedure.

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